Food Freight  Navigating food freight post-Brexit can be a challenging task. Between the ever-changing rules and regulations, knowing whether the guidelines are current or outdated makes transporting your products across continents complicated and confusing. This is why we at Boast International make it our mission to stay up-to-date with food freight regulations to help our customers transport their cargo across the globe seamlessly and keep their businesses running at full speed. Whether you require collection on the continent, sea freight from the Americas or exports from the UK, or simply an import customs clearance, we can help. Learn more about our services below. 

Food Import and Export 

Processes for food import and export can be complex as a range of documents may be required to ensure your commodities pass through customs quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Veterinary checks will be required on some animal products and by-products, including pet foods. Your food import and export may need to adhere to Common Health Entry Documents (CHED-D or CHED-P) and Common Veterinary Entry Documents (CVED) as well as notifications through IPAFFS. 
Here at Boast International, we take care of these necessities for you. Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced import and export specialists receives regular training to help you complete these forms quickly and thoroughly to eradicate the likelihood of interruptions to your business flow.  

How Can We Help? 

We can assist you with the following services at all UK ports: 
To enquire further about our services, fill out our call-back form below to start your food import and export journey with Boast International. 

Port Health - What regulations are specific to food and ingredients? 

Each type of import has specialised regulations to adhere to, to protect public health and safety. Below are just some of the authorities you will need to submit documentation to when importing and exporting from the UK. 
High-Risk Food Not of Animal Origin (HRFNAO):  
Non-animal-based consumables and animal feed that pose a risk to public health. This includes nuts, dried fruits, and spices subject to aflatoxin contamination and potentially harbouring pesticides. A CHED-D must be submitted to Port Health to clear these products. 
Organic Products:  
Organic products imported into the UK must adhere to organic production standards and require a COI for each consignment. The COI will be submitted to and endorsed by the Port Health Authority for clearance. 
Products of Animal Origin (POAO):  
These require veterinary checks and a health certification at any country’s Border Control Post to qualify for transportation. In the UK, this is Port Health. 
Plant Health:  
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) restricts the import, movement and keeping of certain plants, plant pests, soil, fruit, vegetables and seeds to protect native plant life in the UK. Relevant documentation must be submitted to The DEFRA to pass customs clearance. 

Transport - How are food and ingredients typically transported? 

We can assist you with the following services at all UK ports: 
Ambient Containers & Trailers: 
To maintain the quality of your non-perishable goods that don’t require specific temperatures for preservation. 
Temperature-Controlled Vehicles:  
To preserve your perishable consumables while in transit, including produce and confectionery. 
Whether you’d prefer your goods to be transported via marine, road, air, or rail vehicles, we can make it happen. Choose Boast International for fast and reliable international transport services  
Why should you choose Boast International? 
Boast International not only organise the collection and delivery of our products from Europe and manage the majority of our containerised shipments from around the world, in my opinion they do so with the commitment to providing an excellent service at a very reasonable rate. 
First started using boast 6 months ago when I started my business, so far they have helped me with several container shipments and couldn't thank them more for their great customer service . 
Absolutely great company and great team always willing to go the extra mile would recommend to everyone! 
The team at Boast have been responsible for our inbound UK shipments for approximately 6 years and throughout this time we have always found the service they provide to be professional, efficient, friendly and reliable. We would recommend their service without hesitation
We use Boast for all our sea and air freight requirements. Why? Because they are always professional, efficient and thorough. 
They offer helpful, tailored advice which is cost-effective and they make themselves very easy to do business with. 

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