Back in November, we joined The Nut and Dried Fruit Association for a conference held at the United States Embassy in London to meet with importers, exporters and industry representatives and to discuss the growth areas within the industry, with which we have been proudly affiliated since Boast International was first founded back in 1990.  After a turbulent year in 2020, exports of nuts and dried fruits from the United States to the United Kingdom have recovered positively in subsequent years which is encouraging after the impacts of the global pandemic, while exports to all countries from the United States continue to ensure the country plays a significant role globally in the industry.   Boast International are proud to work with several key importers and exporters in the nut and dried fruit sectors and, combined with our wealth of expertise in dealing with such commodities and the Port Health implications surrounding them, are able to offer our customers an excellent level of customer service to give confidence that their shipments will be handled with care and precision.  Port Health regulations relating to peanuts and other food commodities are ever-changing and we at Boast pride ourselves in being on top of all changes to legislation to ensure your business is prepared to import and export between the UK and beyond. Certification requirements and controls for your imports can be complicated, but let our in-house team of Port Health experts take away some of the pressure and uncertainty by guiding you through the process, start to finish.  

"It was a pleasure for us to attend the second Nut & Dried Fruit Conference at the US Embassy back in November. 
We always appreciate the opportunity to meet with existing customers (and some new faces) to discuss the various challenges within the industry. 
Thank you to the NDFTA and the US Embassy for hosting a very informative, enjoyable and well organised event!" 
George Boast  
Commercial Director  
Boast International is a leading freight forwarder for expertise in handling commodities within the food and ingredients sector, and beyond. Contact us to find out how we can support your business, streamline and add value to your supply chain processes. 
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