Hello Adam!  

What is your career background? 
I spent time as a full time golfer whilst undertaking bar work to allow me to travel play in events. Having said that, my parents’ bank account would argue that I was playing too much golf and not doing enough bar work! 
What has made you stay within the freight forwarding industry? 
My dad and uncle have worked in the shipping industry all their lives and you could say that it has always been around me, it wasn’t until I began working at Boast that I seemed to tap into the knowledge that I’ve heard thrown around over the years. 
What skills have you transferred over to your new industry that you have found particularly useful? 
Time management and planning are two of my strong points and I feel, with the background I had before shipping, that I have transferred over those skills and adapted them to the line of work I am in now. 
What do you enjoy most about your new role? 
I love dealing with my desk and customers. There are always challenges to deal with and that is what I enjoy, there is a certain unpredictability with this line of work and I enjoy the challenge of dealing with new/different situations on a daily basis. No day is the same and I find that attractive. 
What do you enjoy doing in your downtime? 
I try fill every day of the week with sport, whether golf, cricket, squash or anything that involves a ball has me sold. I’ve recently been introduced to running by my partner and we have been training to run the Brighton 10km in April. Having just purchased our first home, you can imagine I get told to do a lot of jobs around the house and getting away with playing as much sport as I do, I usually listen to her! 
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