Almost a year since the last official formal communication from the UK government and DEFRA relating to regulations on imports of high-risk goods from the European Union (EU) into the UK, DEFRA have now published a proposed new schedule for the introduction of physical and document checks, as well as new certification requirements for commodities such as some fresh produce, peanuts and other high-risk foods.  
Back in May 2022, under the premiership of Boris Johnson, it was announced by the then Business Secretary, Jacob Rees-Mogg, that further physical checks and certification requirements for high-risk imports from the European Union, post-Brexit, would be delayed for the foreseeable future. 
11 months later, DEFRA have now advised that, from 31st October 2023, stricter controls will be introduced, with further escalations at the ends of January and October 2024. Such regulations are set to impact imports of several key regulated commodities, including those shipped to the EU from elsewhere in the world before their import to the UK. 
It is important to stress that these are preliminary dates and are not yet confirmed, with industry consultation now taking place to formalise the proposals. 
The full timeline of this proposed schedule are as below. 
From 31st October 2023 - Health certification required for EU imports of medium-risk animal products, plants, plant products and high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin. 
From 31st January 2024 - Documentary and ‘risk-based’ ID and physical checks on EU imports of medium-risk animal products, plants, plant products and high-risk food and feed on non-animal origin. Physical inspections will now take place at border control posts (BCPs) rather than at destination. 
From 31st October 2024 - ‘Safety and Security’ declarations required for EU imports, aimed to prevent illicit activities. 
Our European specialists at Boast International will be attending DEFRA Webinars in the coming weeks so we will be the among the first to hear about the detail of how these changes will take effect, and will liaise with all of our affected customers to ensure a smooth transition along the timeline. 
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