The next phase of the switch to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), involving the declaration of exports from the UK, has been delayed. Originally intended for March 2023, declaration of export clearances will now remain in CHIEF until the end of November 2023, with a switch to CDS due finally in December. This follows pressure on HMRC from various corners of the trade industry following a challenging launch of the new, fully digital customs declaration system launched for imports back in 2018, with the final compulsory switchover effective from October 2022.  
After 30th November 2023, it will be compulsory for exporters from the UK, or their declarants, to declare all export customs entries through the new Customs Declaration Service (CDS). The exact details of this are still being confirmed by HMRC, but the change is applicable to all UK exporters, not just UK-EU exporters affected by post-Brexit regulation changes. 
Since the introduction of CDS, we have heard numerous reports of difficulties in registration, authorisation of payment methods to forwarders and general software issues. Software issues centrally at HMRC have resulted in further problems for software providers and traders alike. 
However, we at Boast International are confident in our processes and have transitioned to CDS confidently and using experience nurtured over more than 30 years to support our customers through this change and ensure there are no lengthy delays to their clearance procedures and supply chain. We are grateful to all of our customers for their efforts in aiding this smooth changeover period. 
Boast International will be taking part in extensive training ahead of the launch of CDS for export entries to ensure we are ready to assist all of our customers with this important switchover and to further support our customers' supply chains.  
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