From 1st July 2022, further restrictions and certification will be required for certain goods entering the UK from Europe which are classified by DEFRA as being ‘high risk’ or of plant or animal origin. Such goods may be held or examined by Port Health officials following the next step of developments in EU-UK legislation, and certain ports of entry in the UK may only be able to handle specific types of commodity from July. 
The key classifications of such goods are as follows: 
High risk food of non-animal origin (HRFNAO) 
Products of animal origin (POAO) 
Animal by-products (ABP) 
Plants and plant products 
With this in mind, DEFRA have now started to confirm the Border Control Posts (BCPs) scheduled to be in place as well as the designated commodity classifications which can be imported through each border point. Click here to view the interactive map. 
This detail will be updated by DEFRA further over the coming months and remains a guide. Once the BCPs are fully confirmed and approved, more information will follow for our customers who regularly import goods of such categories. 
If you have any queries regarding this development, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to see how Boast can help with your European imports and exports. 
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