Hello Joe!  

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime? 
I really enjoy motorsports, especially F1! I like to watch racing live, at the track so like to go to our more local tracks, (Brands Hatch and Snetterton are favourites of mine) a few times per year at least! I’d love to be able to see more F1 in person but its so expensive that I have to stick to the TV for all races except Silverstone, for now at least! 
What is your career background? 
I used to work here at Boast, some of you may remember me. I was mostly involved in the deep-sea movements which overall, I enjoyed. I worked here for almost 6 years and worked my way up to a management level which I enjoyed as it gave me more responsibility and a new set of challenges to overcome. 
After the COVID pandemic, I left the company to try my hand at something completely different which it turns out, I didn’t enjoy as much, so when an opportunity came up to return to Boast, I took it and haven’t looked back since. 
What made you return to the freight forwarding industry? 
An opportunity came up within a different department to the one I was in before, now I will be focussing far more on the European side of the business (whilst still handling a few of my own deep-sea customers). 
I am excited for the challenges that I will face along the way as this is a very fast-moving part of the business which requires fast thinking and attention to detail which I find keeps me on my toes. It makes every day different! 
What skills have you transferred over to your new role that you have found particularly useful? 
I would say one of the most useful skills I have transferred to my new role is my customer service that I learnt while handling the deep-sea shipments. As I say, this is a very fast moving part of the business and being able to have a good relationship with your customer makes it much easier to pick the phone up and discuss requirements or issues. 
What do you enjoy most about your new role? 
I enjoy the challenge of the day-to-day planning that is required with the European movements as this makes each day completely different. I also enjoy the deep-sea stuff that I do as I have handled these customers for years and we get along well so it’s nice to keep up that working relationship. 
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