Customs Clearance & Port Health  We are experts in all import and export customs & Port Health processes, procedures and regulations with direct links to all UK ports.  

Customs Clearance 

We work closely with HMRC to fully understand all procedures which will affect your supply chain. Our expertise of global customs regulations combined with our extensive local knowledge ensures that we offer a comprehensive range of customs brokerage services.  
We work with first-time importers who require additional advice and guidance or regular importers looking to improve existing customs processes. 
We are AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accredited, which means cargo is fast-tracked through customs controls, and when AEO consignments are selected by customs for examination or inspection, they receive priority over non-AEOs, making the whole shipping process run more smoothly and efficiently. 
We are electronically linked to all 26 UK ports, including:  
London Gateway 

Port Health 

If you are importing food and feed products into the UK, these consignments may be subject to port health controls and restrictions. 
We work closely with UK Port Health authorities to fully understand all procedures, controls and restrictions which will have an impact on our food, drink & ingredients customers' imports and exports.  
We have our own in-house Port Health specialists who are able to offer expert advice and information on what controls may apply to your goods being Imported to the UK.  
Our team have extensive knowledge of Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) requirements for products of animal origin (POAO). 
Products that are subject to veterinary checks include:  
Red meat, farmed game and poultry 
Fish and shellfish 
Dairy products 
Animal by-products such as various pet foods 
Hay and straw 
We also process Common Health Entry Documents (CHED-D) for high-risk food of non-animal origin (HRFNAO) such as nuts and other food ingredients. 
A list of products requiring a CHED-D can be found on the following website-  
Some of the Products that are subject to these checks include:  
Dried fruits  
Animal feed  
Tea leaves and bags 
Some of the above products including Nuts will also be subject to Aflaxtoxin checks, please click on the below link to find out which products will be subject to sampling and the slection rate by percentage based on the country of origin:  
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