Flat Rack Containers  Flat rack containers transport especially large or heavy machinery, vehicles and construction materials that don't fit in or adhere to the size restrictions of standard shipping containers.  Find sizes and dimensions for 20ft and 40ft Flat Rack Containers. 

Flat Rack Containers 

What are Flat Rack Containers Made of? 
Flat rack containers are made of aluminium or steel. These materials provide superior strength and weight-bearing properties ideal for transporting heavy products. 
What is the Capacity and Size of Flat Rack Containers? 
At Boast International, we can arrange transportation in flat rack containers of all sizes, as your needs will vastly influence the capacity and size of the container you need. 
How Much Do Flat Rack Shipping Containers Cost? 
The cost of flat rack containers depends entirely on the size of the container you need, the distance your container is travelling, its condition, and its brand. At Boast International, we strive to provide freight forwarding services at competitive rates, so get in touch if you’d like to learn more. 
What are the Limitations of Flat Rack Containers? 
Flat rack containers don’t have sidewalls or a roof, rendering them unsuitable for transporting many types of cargo, and the handling requirements are more complex than other containers. 

20ft Flat Rack Container Measurements 

Tare Weight 
Payload Capacity 
Cubic Capacity 
2360kg / 5203.8lbs 
30,140kg / 66,458.7lbs 
32.7m3 / 1154.3cu ft 
Internal Length 
Internal Height 
Internal Width 
5.94m / 19.5ft 
2.35m / 7.7ft 
2.35m / 7.7ft 

40ft Flat Rack Container Measurements 

Tare Weight 
Payload Capacity 
Cubic Capacity 
5000kg / 11,025lbs 
40,000kg / 88,200lbs 
62.2m3 / 2195.7cu ft 
Internal Length 
Internal Height 
Internal Width 
12.13m / 39.8ft 
2.14m / 7ft 
2.40m / 7.9ft 
Why should you choose Boast International? 
Boast International not only organise the collection and delivery of our products from Europe and manage the majority of our containerised shipments from around the world, in my opinion they do so with the commitment to providing an excellent service at a very reasonable rate. 
First started using boast 6 months ago when I started my business, so far they have helped me with several container shipments and couldn't thank them more for their great customer service . 
Absolutely great company and great team always willing to go the extra mile would recommend to everyone! 
The team at Boast have been responsible for our inbound UK shipments for approximately 6 years and throughout this time we have always found the service they provide to be professional, efficient, friendly and reliable. We would recommend their service without hesitation
We use Boast for all our sea and air freight requirements. Why? Because they are always professional, efficient and thorough. 
They offer helpful, tailored advice which is cost-effective and they make themselves very easy to do business with. 

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