Importing from EU-UK 
Our dedicated EU-UK import specialists can help and guide you through this process. Whether you require a seamless process from collection on the continent through to delivery in the UK or an import customs clearance, please contact us to see how we may be able to help. 
We can also assist in arranging freight transport across Europe. With competitive rates and excellent short notice availability, we are happy and ready to help. 
When preparing your documents for import from the European Union, preparation is key. Due to the short transit time from the continent to the UK, receiving complete documents sets early will save any unnecessary delays at the port and to deliveries. 
As well as commercial documents, we require all the below details to undertake EU-UK import customs clearances in a timely manner: 
Truck or trailer number – This number is used in a similar way to a container number and is used to link the customs clearance to the specific load. 
EU port of exit and UK port of arrival – Customs clearance processes vary between ports in the UK and being informed of the correct route will help us identify the correct method to follow for your goods
10 digit commodity code – The UK customs tariff uses 10 digit commodity codes rather than the 8 digits used for the EU tariff. 
Preferential tariff and rules of origin process – If your goods are of true European Union origin, they may be eligible for duty free status by using a valid, approved REX (registered exporter) number or on receipt of an Importers Knowledge declaration. 
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