Since the implementation of the Brexit trade agreement, Boast has been clearing goods at a number of ports specific for roll-on-roll-of (RORO) services for short sea sailings from across Europe, including the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain. 
Dover is the most significant arrival port for road freight into the UK, with trade with France representing 33% of all roll-on-roll-off (RORO) freight trade with the EU in 2019, of which 90% is handled through Dover specifically. RORO routes represent a significant portion of the number of cargo vessels arriving in the UK, covering more than half of all arrivals in 2019. 
Post-Brexit and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Dover and Folkestone remain significant import routes for our customers, and are currently able to offer a seamless route of entry into the UK for standard goods.  
Our customers are experiencing excellent service through these ports, as well as Harwich in Essex, where shipments are not currently being manifested in ports systems, allowing trucks to arrive and travel to their onward location without awaiting customs clearance, though this will change into 2022. 
In 2021, Boast has cleared consignments from the EU from a range of RORO and container vessel locations and we are more than happy to advise which ports offer the smoothest passage to site for your goods from the EU. 
Regular EU-UK RORO locations: Dover, Folkestone (Eurotunnel), Harwich, Felixstowe, Immingham, North Killingholme, Newhaven, Portsmouth, Purfleet, Tilbury, Hull 
Regular EU-UK container ports: Folkestone, Liverpool, Teesport, Tilbury, Felixstowe. 
In 2022, all EU-UK consignments will be unable to leave port sites until goods are customs cleared, in a similar manner to deep sea container arrivals, with a linked customs entry needed at all ports, and holds on high risk products will begin to take effect. Certain high-risk commodities will need to arrive at specific ports of entry to be inspected at designated Border Control Posts (BCP) from 2022 also, with more details on this to follow from the UK government. 
We remain in the early stages of the post-Brexit EU-UK trade agreement, but Boast is ready for the challenge ahead in 2022 and the dedicated EU team is looking forward to guiding our customers through the coming months. 
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