The introduction of additional restrictions through the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) for EU to GB trade introduced this month has inevitably resulted in extra frustration and delays at ports over the first few weeks of 2022. Teething problems were not unexpected with the introduction of the new IT system by HMRC, but delays are generally avoidable in most cases with excellent communication, preparation and organisation between exporter, importer, haulier, and forwarder. 
An experienced freight forwarder is vital to a seamless journey for your imports and exports, as suggested by director general of British International Freight Association (BIFA), Robert Keen. 
Trucks shipping out of Calais, Dunkirk, Caen or through the Eurotunnel are subject to the new GVMS service, requiring a prelodged customs declaration be entered to generate a reference permitting the boarding of the ferry or train to the UK. 
Preparation and organisation are vital to this process. An early notification from the exporter and a proactive freight forwarder will be able to create the prelodged customs declaration to allow boarding which should then not result in any unexpected surprises at the border post and a seamless boarding process. 
A freight forwarder is a fundamental piece of the EU importing and exporting journey, allowing exporter, importer and haulier to work completely in harmony and to ensure your goods are not delayed unnecessarily during this time. Our customers have enjoyed a tailored service for their goods movements, whether a large, multinational organisation or a smaller, bespoke operation. Boast International can assist in customs clearance as well as arranging your haulage at competitive rates, to ensure you have just one point of contact and are in complete control of your goods. 
If you are not yet using a freight forwarder, please get in touch to see how Boast International can help your business. 
More details regarding the new import processes installed from January are available on our blog, please click here or contact us to find out more. 
Click the link for the full article from BIFA, "No better time to use a freight forwarder". 
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